First visit to Denmark

From Grey Wanderer’s temporary winter home on Fehmarn, we sailed north west to Gedser on the tip of Denmark. There are shipping lanes to cross in this part of the Baltic, but they were not as busy as the ones we are used to in the English Channel, and for once we didn’t have to alter course for any of them. There is a certain satisfaction in entering another country for the first time, and of course on a boat you get to fly a new flag. Somehow this makes it more of an event than driving across a road border. For both of us, this is our first time in Denmark.


It was a bit quiet at times…….

From Gedser there is a well trodden route for yachts to port-hop up the east coast of Denmark towards Copenhagen. Denmark, as I’m sure you know, is made up of a series of islands connected by bridges. We touched the islands of Falster, Mon, and Sjaelland, stopping at the ports of Gedser Klintholm, Rødvig, and Køge on our way north. All of them were really just getting started at the beginning of the season with many local boats still ashore or being prepared.


Obligatory tourist pic’ of Little Mermaid

Køge is just a short suburban train ride from the centre of Copenhagen. So from here we made our tourist excursion to the big city. Copenhagen is a fab place, and would make a really good two or three day city break. We did all the usual touristy stuff and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. It’s possible to take the boat right into the centre of Copenhagen, but having heard mixed reports on the advisability of doing this, we chose to go in by train. Having seen it for myself now I’d be tempted to do it early season, but I would only really feel comfortable if I could leave someone on-board to keep an eye on the boat.










In Køge, one of those nice experiences happened to me which renews your faith in human nature. I went to buy a gas refill in the marina shop. They were sold out and not expecting any for a few days. As I left empty-handed, another customer offered to drive me some distance to a local garage to get some. I’d like to think this would happen in the UK, but I’m not sure…… I’m continually surprised by people’s kindness and helpfulness, and determined to reciprocate where I can.


Tivoli Gardens, Copenhagen


Leaving Køge by sea, the horizon to the north is dominated by the famous Øresund bridge which connects Copenhagen to Malmö in Sweden.  We would be going roughly in this direction, and crossing to Sweden just south of Malmö.


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