Hi, and welcome to our Blog.

This is an account of the sailing adventures of Robin and Jane, in our Alubat Ovni 365, along with some details about our boat and the kit we have chosen to use in our travels.

Putting part of our lives online for others to read could be interpreted as a rather narcissistic act, and being very British, we are not entirely comfortable with doing this.  We feel almost embarrassed that our luck in life that has meant we can achieve our ambitions, but want to share our experiences for a variety of reasons, including keeping in touch with friends and family and reaching out to other sailors who are either living a similar lifestyle or planning to.

We have been planning this journey ever since we completed our first adventure together- a 6 month trip through the French Canal system to the Mediterranean way back in 1983 in a 28 foot Cobra 850, and concluded that we were kindred sailing spirits with a shared dream to sail away into the sunset some day.

During the intervening 25 years, whilst earning a living, running several more boats and bringing up 2 children, we have always had our eye on retiring early and doing some extended sailing trips.  We are very fortunate to be in a position to achieve that dream now.

During that period, as we gradually solidified our plan, and dreamed of a time when we could sail for months at a time without the restriction of work, we used many resources to help define our ideal boat and kit, including several very informative Blogs from other like-minded crazy sailing people.  Part of the reason for setting up this account in as much detail as we have, is to hopefully provide a similar resource for those currently in the dreaming stage.

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  1. Hi
    Ovni are distinctive rugged boats fair winds – can you help me please? I am considering buying your old Etap 34s Double Trouble II – I have always liked etaps however I have no experience of wing keel – laden ballast ratio circa 26 percent is quite low albeit she is quite beamy and draught is fairly shallow – how does she stand up to sail – I am also aware of mast set up sensitivity resulting in a couple of failures and a etap yard fix implemented circa 2000 the present owner 10 years has no knowledge of of this – do you know if the work was carried out during your ownership. I appreciate the positive comments on site but if you can offer any further advice it would be much appreciated Many thanks Stan – standarge@pmpplc.co.uk


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